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Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST for care in the home we're here. interim healthcare. when it matters most count on us. - the 5star responder by greatcall is a mobile personal safety device. one touch lets you speak with trained agents who will identify you and your location, evaluate your situation, and get you the help you need. - hi. thanks for joining us. i'm leeza gibbons. you know, trends are happening everywhere you look-- in fashion, music, technology. some people like to be part of the crowd. others prefer to carve their own path. where do you fit in? do you get in line or buck the trend? for those of us who grew up watching sitcoms of the sixties, seventies, and eighties the tv land channel can be like a familiar friend but now instead of promoting the past, they're creating new and original programs that have many of us tuning in. - welcome to "hot in cleveland"! [cheering and applause] - cue and action. - hello, traitors. - when was the last time you watched television and actually laughed out loud? - it's a mess, a mess! - i mean, really laughed. [laughter] on any given night this is e
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1